Asterisk 1.2.1 Tiger installer

I finally got a minute to finish the Asterisk 1.2.1 installer for Tiger. I am uploading it now and you can get it here.
md5 = ae04a2dc289735dd068936200434b6da

NOTE: Bruno pointed out that the path in the readme is wrong it should be /opt/local/asterisk/usr/sbin/asterisk not /opt local/asterisk/sbin/asterisk. This version doesn’t include the asterisk-addons, or asterisk-sounds packages. I hope to have these included later this week. For now please test, and enjoy.

I just finished packaging a version that includes asterisk-sounds. You can get that version here.
md5 =5d5006af4b5b960525398e638f9a4a9b

I need help from the community to make it better, please post suggestions. Enjoy.

4 Replies to “Asterisk 1.2.1 Tiger installer”

  1. Great Job,
    just tried and work…
    Have to configure a lot of thing now, a GUI tool will be apreciated.
    When next release?

    Before this i tried also the one from sunrise.


  2. OK – I am being dumb here. Install works fine, but where are the config files to set up SIP / AIX etc? Readme doens’t exist either for my install on a clean Mac?

    Can’t find them anywhere…


  3. OK – I was being dumb.

    You need to copy the config scripts into /opt/local/asterisk/etc/asterisk/

    would be good if your installer dumped the default scripts there if poss – plus a readme maybe?

    awesome work though – thanks. beats the sunrise stuff.


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