Truths that came to me whilst eating sushi in Mountain View.

I was enjoying some sushi when I had a sudden eureka! feeling. I’m not sure if these came from upstairs or myself but it was quick. I am going to call these universal truths, and they were all ways to improve quality of life. There may be more.

1. Assume nothing.
While you can take your past experience with you as a guide never make false assumptions based on those experiences. If you perform action over and over again you would expect the result to be the same each time right? Wrong. While this may work most of the time, don’t bet your life on it.

Say you make a machine that grabs a ball and hurls it at the wall with the exact same amount of force and in the exact same direction repeatedly. Some would expect that ball to make the same impact, in the exact same spot each time, they would be wrong and the reason why they would be wrong is because there is such a gremlin as variables. They are not taking something into account, curvature of the ball, a slight air current, ball temperature, something is going to throw the ball ever so slightly off every time. if you don’t believe me ask someone that is better at probability and statistics than you.

2. Be efficient. Spend what you need, keep what you can.
This works best if you apply it to everything. Think of every resource you have as money.

food == money
water == money
electricity == money
brainpower == money
housing == money

When you are eating a meal, eat until you are full and then take the rest home to enjoy when you are hungry again if you can. Think of this as saving money for use later. If you can apply this principle to housing, and only “spend” as much space as you need, then you will have more money/life credits when something pops up.

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